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Faxtastic v2.873
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What is Faxtastic?
Faxtastic is a free program that allows users to fax documents from their computers. Faxtastic uses the internet to transmit the fax data - no modem required. All that you need to send a fax is an internet connection. Faxtastic is seamlessly integrated with the FaxIt Nice® service and allows users to:
  • Create a new FaxIt Nice® account or use an existing account
  • Purchase FaxIt Credit®
  • Save your personal preferences
  • Check your FaxIt Credit® balance
  • View previously sent faxes
Visit the FaxIt Nice® site for details about this service.

Fax documents from your computer to any country in the world.
Review details of previously transmitted faxes.
Purchase FaxIt Credit - the cheapest way of sending faxes.
Create a new FaxIt Nice account - or use an existing account.
Change your Faxtastic and FaxIt Nice settings to suit your needs.

For support information or general queries contact - Customer Support

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